GYSFlash 102-12 HF Pro Charger

GYSFlash 102-12 HF is a 100A Vertically mountable high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology 5m leads.

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Specifically designed to be fitted on a wall or on a car lift, the vertical GYSFLASH 102.12 is a very powerful inverter battery charger able to supply up to 100A. The GYSFLASH 102.12 will keep the battery’s voltage perfectly stable at 12V during the diagnostic phases. It will deliver the best charging cycle recommended for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles on the market.

  • Protection of the vehicle’s on-board electronics: protection against short circuits, polarity reversal and overcharging. Anti-spark technology.
  • Interchangeable fusible which protect against misuse.
  • Temperature sensor to prevent internal electronics overheating.
  • Automatic stand-by mode if the battery is disconnected.
  • Compact and robust box with front cable reel (2 x 5m).
  • Pads for shock and vibration absorption.
  • Optional wall mount with sliding system or magnetic (Magnetfix).
  • The «Auto Restart» function means that the charger will memorise the settings in case of a power cut and restart automatically.
  • Control and calibration of cables, the charger can be fitted with cables up to 2x8m long and 16mm² thick.
  • Locked in Showroom mode, avoid the risks of misuse, perfect for garages and exhibition spaces.
  • 4 charging curves available, whose the Easy mode for a simplified charge adapted to all lead acid batteries.
  • Activation and set-up of an «Expert» charging curve.



  • Charge: 12V batteries (lead-acid/AGM/gel) from 20 to 1200 Ah.
  • Diag+: support up to 100 A the 12V batteries for vehicles in diagnostic phase.
  • Battery change: Ensures a stabilised power supply to the vehicle during battery replacement to preserve memory settings.
  • Power Supply: Adapt the charger in stabilised power supply with voltage and adjustable maximum current.
  • Showroom: The charger will compensate the current used by the consumers in use on the vehicle.
Includes 2x5 16 mm² cables and wallmount. 2x8 16 mm² cables and magnetfix for wall mount can be added extra. The charger calibrates automatically after cable changes.

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